Our Services

A. Pre-Settlement and Trial Preparation Services

  • Evaluation and analysis of present life care planning needs.
  • Evaluation of medical age ratings for life impaired injuries with major life insurers.
  • Evaluation of estate and tax planning issues, replacement of caregivers.
  • Design of innovative settlement programs to meet the plaintiff’s needs.
  • Evaluation of all annuity markets.

B. Settlement, Mediation and Trial Services

  • Evaluation of structured offers extended by the defendant’s casualty insurer.
  • Due diligence.
  • Attendance at any scheduled mediations or settlement conferences.
  • Implementation of all structured and periodic payment settlement programs.
  • Expert financial testimony.
  • Guidance for completion of all settlement documentation.

C. Post-Settlement Services

  • Lawyer/plaintiff communication.
  • Coordination of all payee/designations and payments methods.
  • Ongoing administrative resources to the plaintiff as necessary.

D. For Lawyers

  • We provide due diligence to limit your professional practice exposure, and enhance the services that you extend to your client.

  • We secure the best payouts for your client; secure maximum medical ratings; provide guidance in the implementation of court ordered structured settlements, and tax and estate planning issues appropriate to each case.

  • We provide innovative solutions to meet anticipated needs of the severely injured claimant through the use of spreadsheet programs that project anticipated cost increases for medical services and supplies recommended for injured persons future needs.

  • Your client will likely only have one opportunity to evaluate, develop and accept a settlement program that will maximize all of the important needs you acknowledge, and that are required by your client in the future.